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Saving your workspace window configuration in Linux [1102]

I am usually working on a good half a dozen things at any given time and this means that I usually have a good ten or twenty windows open. My chromium currently has a 134 tabs and this is after I  cleaned up and closed all the tabs I no longer need.

Luckily, working in Linux means that I can spread each stream of work into the various workspaces.

Now GNOME 3 makes things a little more complicated with the dynamic workspaces but I’m learning to use it to my advantage

However, with Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and GNOME 3, I seem to be running into an issue regularly…If I leave my computer for a while, it doesn’t unlock correctly. The screen remains black and I can’t move the mouse to my second screen and the unlock screen doesn’t show up.

Thinking about it, it seems like there might be two screen savers being started but I shall investigate that tomorrow. I have the same issue at both work and home so it is more likely to be related to Ubuntu + GNOME 3 or something about the way I set things up.

I  usually resolve this by logging into the console and here a neat trick for killing all our processes in one fell swoop.

$ kill -9 -1

Another thing I have been doing a bit more of recently is gaming which involves rebooting in Windows.

Both of the above leaves me with a restarted workspace. Starting up the applications pops them all into the same workspace. Chrome is especially a nightmare. I might have 135 open tabs but they are in about 6 windows spread across four workspaces.

It is annoying to have to distribute these things out each time.

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Pretty Emails

html vs plain text for emails has been a raging debate for me for a long time. I have always recommended going down the plain text route to avoid getting tagged as spam, not to mention rendering issues.

Personally, I have found html emails to be distracting and annoying, so that was another reason to stick with plain text emails.

Recently however, the explosion of html emails has made it more important to cater to this requirement. We, as an organisation are moving towards html emails for marketing purposes and are also helping our clients send out html emails. There are several reasons for this.

My favourite reason is to make emails easier to read. When sending a newsletter, there are several pieces of information that needs to be communicated. With plain text, it becomes far too difficult to highlight important parts and highlight relevant information.

How can one then write html emails that get through spam filters, get rendered correctly regardless of email client and does not distract inappropriately.

An article by David Greiner titled Rock Solid HTML Emails covers key steps to ensure that your emails has the highest chance of rendering correctly (and bypass spam filters).

The basic idea is to build for the lowest common denominator bearing in mind that the email is viewed in an email client, not a web client.

Big thanks therefore goes to David for such a useful resource…

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