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Work Life (Im)Balance

Started twittering this week although I’ve had an account on there for about a year. Huge, very interesting community on there of people from all walks of life. Whole communities, sub-communities, tools, utilities – all based on 140 character messages. It really is very impressive.

As a twitterer, there is the question I ask myself as to whether i tweet my personal life or my professional life. Right now, with half a dozen followers, it really doesnt matter. But in the longer term, it would be my goal to increase that number substantially. After all, it is all about who you know, not what you know…

I am already following Levar Burton (Geordi La Forge), Brent Spiner (Data) and Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) – all from Star Trek The Next Generation, Richard Branson of Virgin and Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror and Stack Overflow.

I’ve often thought about separating my personal life from my professional life in terms of online presence. Clearly Star Trek above is a personal interest whereas the other ones are professional interests. But then, my professional interests are classified as such only because I turned personal interests into a career.

If I could make my interest in Star Trek a part of my career, I will…

I do wonder how it would affect my relationship with my followers though, in the long term. I am always going to tweet about things that are of real interest to only a percentage of the followers. This percentage is going to be lower than for other people. This stems partly from my wide range of interests and diverse group of friends / associates.

As an organisation, that works in a fairly diverse range of sectors, this identity crisis is experience not just by me, but as a whole within the organisation. One of the challenges we face is expressing the core values that are fundamental to the way we do work regardless of what that work is.

I believe, at the end of the day, that is the most important quality and our biggest USP…

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