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Font Fun

The first time I saw the selection of fonts available for use, I went through most or all of them to pick one I liked. I probably did that another two or three times but after that I got bored. I believe that font choice should be an invisible interface decision based on semantics of the text. At the very least, the semantics of the text (i.e. is it a letter, an article, a proposal, a blog, a creative page, love letter etc.) should narrow down the font selection to half a dozen at the most.

I left it at that for several years and just chose the default font or got someone else to pick a font so I didn’t have to worry about it.

Nathan’s post on fonts and frustrations got me to thinking about the fonts on the different operating systems / devices. Fonts are such a basic “service” that it should be be simplified, genericised and unformly distributable.

There are about four formats of fonts according to Wikipedia. I have to ask – why? Going back to the KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) concept – do we really need four formats for fonts.

For something as simple as fonts, what warrants it to be so complicated to understand. Why can we not just choose a format that provides all the features needed – lets even throw in the ability to add DRM (Digital Rights Management) for good measure and deprecate all the other formats.

Let’s then write an cross platform application to manage all the fonts and get rid of everything proprietary. Let’s stop with the hacks and half-measure solutions.

In all honesty, while I was aware of complications with the “fonts sector”, it never bothered me since the operating systems have been helpful enough to take care of it all automagically. However, Nathan’s post brought something to light for me. If you want to use a specific font, which may not be available on a platform, there is no easy, uniform way to distribute it.

If I created a font, there is not easy way to distribute it. In the modern computing world. This is not acceptable – especially for something as simple (but important) as fonts.

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