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Outside of Kraya, there really is no Shri. Every one in my life knows this. There was a time when I took some “time off”(Lasting about two years) In reality, however, this was far from being a holiday. It was simply just some much needed time away.

It’s not much different from spending too much time with a lover and simply need some alone time(For those checking back in their calendars, this was between October 2006 and September 2008).  By 2006, I had dedicated pretty much 95% of my time, emotionally, intellectually and physically (and any other lly’s)  to the growth of Kraya. I guess this was with a very obsessive and addictive personality and an incorrigible persistence.

It turns out however, that no matter how much I seemed to stray or run into a spiral of despair or disillusionment, the last two years have actually been the most successful and important years of my life so far by a huge margin. In fact, in the last two years, Kraya has seen growth that is larger in magnitude than its growth over its entire lifespan combined.

There are two very very important reasons for this. The first one, I listened.

Much much more importantly, it was the people! I have tried very hard to make Kraya a community of people rather than a company. I would like to take this opportunity to recognise some of the people that have made this possible.

First off, I have to thank my Dad for showing me the space outside the box and of course for introducing me to the Computer. Without his “insanity,” I would be far too normal to have pulled this off.

My Uncle for helping me take the first steps in learning about computers…

State Street Bank & Trust for teaching how a workplace can be fun.

Laurence Demarco & Rodney Stares for introducing me to Entreprenurialism.

Andy Shaw for giving an 18 year old the chance to put his theories into practicalities. Also for giving me the opportunity to take over his company with two other directors…

Krish, for starting on this endeavour with me and holding the fort ever since then through thick and thin. Making sure that the basics were taken care of when I got carried away with the big picture and the big fish!

The one girl who managed to dominate my personal life! The one person who loved me and helped my confidence grow and never complained about Kraya always taking first place in my life.

Graeme Binnington, who has changed the landscape of Kraya more ways and more times than anyone else without actually working at Kraya.

George Connell, who along with Graeme Binnington showed a confidence in my abilities(A tall order at just 21 years old)in building It was George & Graeme that gave me this chance. I know that Aird was involved in this too but I will get to him later on.

Chris, one of the first people to start at Kraya(in our study at home). The person who has been with us ever since. His dedication and committment to Kraya earned him a very special and important place within Kraya. Rising to any challenge; throwing up challenges of his own; and doing his part in integrating new members into the team.

Aird & Alison McKinstrie for their support and advice as we grew, shrunk and tried to define Kraya.

[Black spot between the May 2005 & Feb 2007)]

John, who hit the job running (and has kept running since, even after the birth of his son Jack). Now responsible for the whole Software Development team – our biggest team by far. He makes it look a walk in the park!

Seumas, for taking over the burden of systems and server management. The extent of which I did not realise until I learnt to appreciate how much of my time was freed up when he joined us.

Bob, for taking over the entire Tech Support department to free up more of my time and take away a large worry from off my shoulders.

Stephen for showing me a different view into the sales process and for showing that cold calling can work! not to mention, for cheering me up on many a day 😉

Liam, David F and Richard who show me that age is not relevant; that skills can be learned; and the most important thing is to have the right attitude!

David, one of my closest friends for helping me indulge my insanity, for the support, for helping me see some possibilities which I didn’t see.

Joe & Laura for reminding me of who I was and taking me away from the world of work (as best they could)!

There are a lot of other people who have touched my life. However, the magnitude of impact these people have made on my life is so substantial that it warrants note.

With all these people backing me up, is it any surprise that Kraya grew the way it did in the last couple of years. Thank You.

We have got the final unnofficial confirmation of the largest project that Kraya has undertaken to date (by a very large margin). A lot of work went into the budgeting and proposal process for this project from John & Chris. This helps Kraya take a leap skipping a few steps in between and gives us the capability, once it is complete successfully to do so much more.

So, with this post, I would like to thank you all and invite you to help us to change the world… 😀

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