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Hello world!

Jeff Atwood asks in his blog:

“Until you’ve..

  • Written a blog entry about X
  • Posted Flickr photos of X
  • Uploaded a video of X to YouTube
  • Typed a Twitter message about X

.. did X really happen at all?

Kraya was a tiny company six months back with around 10 members of staff. We are now 20 strong and classed as a small company but as the artist formerly known as Prince once said

“I may be small, but so is dynamite”

Kraya has been instrumental to the dramatic success of and not to mention the continuing existence of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

But then, as Jeff asks, since it hasn’t been blogged yet, did it really happen? While there are some pictures that could be published, there are no videos.

Besides, I’ve never been a big fan of Flickr or YouTube. Not that there is anything wrong with them but I use Facebook and that sates my desires for pictures and videos – for good or bad!

I never got into twitter either – the status updates within Facebook keeps me happy enough. Just as with Flickr, I don’t want to have to think about yet another website / system to update.

Now what I could do is add in the Facebook Apps for Flickr, YouTube & Twitter and this Blog into facebook and control my entire online presence from there. But then, do I really want “someone else” (Facebook) having so much control over my online presence.

Taking one step at a time, blog first, ask questions later…

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