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A Renegade in Skyrim (Part 1)

Skyrim has been modded here to include Frostfall, Imps more complex needs, alternate start and a few other mods (which should be largely inconsequential to this log). From alternate start, random was chosen. 

This was not a good start… Floating in freezing water off the shore of skyrim somewhere on the way to Solitude… Brrrr… Grasping at the strands of consciousness seemingly content to float away on the freezing waters, I dived in to find a way out of here.

There was luckily a few things hanging around in the capsized ship, some weapons and some armour – could be worse. One of the crates also had some snowberry extract as luck would have it. Swigging it down, dived down again and slowly traipsed my way out of the ship before the first hit from the extract finished.

Making my way to the bottom of the ship, which was ironically on top, there was an aldmeri lady on top carrying some stuff, which I conveniently lifted 😀

Now was the hard part, it would seem. I was surrounded by the icy ocean and the cold breeze did not help much either. Preparing myself mentally, finished off the last of the snowberry extract, hoped for the best and dived right into the icy blue seas.

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Destructible World in Battlefield 4

Found this video of an entire skyscraper being destroyed in Battlefield 4. My! things have moved on a fair bit in the world of computer games. Here I was enjoying the lush scenery of Skyrim and all of a sudden, an entire world that can be destroyed?

It is a shame that with all of this power, some of the features I have really enjoyed in games like witty banter with your companions (The Baldurs Gate series being a very good example) are still so sorely missed. :-(

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [1111]

I realise that this stretches the concept of a technical blog post but you know what, it doesn’t matter. There are several technical elements that are relevant but I am not necessarily going to focus on. I am going to do what I do best; ramble…

I waited till midnight and on the gong (as it were), I clicked install and instead of it saying that the game was not released yet (and I do wonder why they make us wait until midnight when we have the stuff to be able to play it anyway but that is a whole another blog post), it started to install.

I felt an anticipation and an elation that I have not felt in a very long time. My first foray into the world of Elder Scrolls was daggerfall and this was way after it was released. I had always thought about a world; a living breathing world that was built upon simple foundations that could grow to envelop your imagination.

Elder Scrolls promised to do that and while Daggerfall failed spectacularly to deliver this, it set an expectation. I for one am glad that Bethesda continued on and eventually brought us Morrowind which I played for a while and loved but couldn’t quite get the hang of.

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