Coming into the world

I’ve spent the last few months getting deeply involved in an enterprise ticketing system. This involved great joys of work with a large number of tools and libraries.The application itself uses:

Tools for development included:

The whole thing took about a year to complete and was recently launched as the backend system for megabus canada. The site handles thousands of visitors each day. The system is built to handle hundreds of thousands of visitors and thousands of orders each day and this was a soft launch that went well.

As a brand new enterprise level ticketing system, we went through several hurdles and challenges. We hit limitations of java and the tools on more than one occasion (lack of closures being a key one) and in hibernate (the inability to do interface based multiple inheritance being the key one).

It was one of the largest projects that kraya has been involved with and it is an absolute joy to see it live and in use. We will be releasing the system as a product over the next few months with various modules to allow for different product sets with a capability to add customised functionality to fit specific requirements.

Years of experience working with and the has helped us to put together a truly enterprise level ticketing system whose scalability is limited only by the hardware that it has access to.

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