Designing a website

Designing a website is hard work. By design, I am not talking about making it look good. I mean designing the structure, the layout, the design itself, the information and everything else that goes with it.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best design agency and the best technology firm to support you.

The design and technology that goes behind a website are simply the tools you have access to for building a website that best represents you.

This of course brings you to the age old question – who are you?

For a company like Kraya, this has been particularly difficult. The usual problem being that by the time a website is developed and taken online, things are already out of date.

This becomes less and less of an issue as we have now grown to a size where it becomes easier to have members of staff responsible for updating and adding content. We have also reached a stage where the core of the business has stabilised and the dynamism, fluctuations and changes are more relevant to the fringes of the organisation.

The easy option is of course to start from the core. What defines you. What has been a constant over the last nine years that we have been running. The answer from my perspective is really that we have been dynamic… Now this is difficult to represent without having the website change very regularly.
There are of course a lot of other constants that we can represent as well, and some of them are challenging as well to ‘prove’ so that it doesnt just sound like we can talk the talk but not walk the walk. The reality is that we have been walking the walk for years now, we just never bothered to do the talking… 😀

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