Destroy Something

It’s human nature that when we find something pretty, something beautiful, we want to hold on to it. Take a rose… looks so perfect and smells so sweet but we can’t hold on to it. We can cut it off and take it home but that does not last. We can leave it, but then we can’t own it. Beauty has its time and place and then it is gone… that particular rose will never be again. It doesn’t matter how many photographs you take – how many video’s or how many memories – none of it will ever do it justice.

When this rose dies, it is only fair that we feel a little sadness, a sense of loss. However, that is the natural way of life… If that rose does not die, another one cannot take its place (I exaggerate but you get my point) and if the whole world was a rose garden, the beauty of this rose would be diminished.

Code Complete by Steve McConnell is a fantastic book and I think that it was in there that I read the story about a man who while cooking would always cut the two ends of a fish off before cooking it – because that’s the way its always been done… His wife asks him why and he asks his mother who taught him to cook. His mother responds by telling him that she did not know why he cut the ends off but she did it because the pot was too small…

As human beings, it is all too easy to fall into habits that we are comfortable with. When you find this rose, perhaps you are the kind of person who will take a photograph to save it… perhaps you will walk by again the next day to see it again… perhaps you will cut it off and take it home or maybe you will just smell it to remember it forever… perhaps you will tell your friends so they may enjoy it too… or bring your sweetheart by so they may enjoy it with you… perhaps you will blog it… 😉

There is no right answer here but there is a wrong answer. The only wrong thing to do would be to ignore it. I would even say that it would wrong to do what you always do… The enigmatic beauty of this rose that cannot be  held on to or owned is a once in a lifetime event – only once in the lifetime of the universe will that rose exist…

So, take a leap, destroy your set habits of how you would normally appreciate it and appreciate it in a new way and help others see it in a new light. You will have only one chance to do so and once it is gone, it is gone forever.

Its not unusual for us to hit our head against the wall with a particular problem that niggles away at us and seems unsolvable without a lot of hard thinking and work. I invite you to think about this problem as a rose… a once in a lifetime chance to appreciate something beautiful. Don’t just hammer away at it, break out of your habits, our of your box, destroy  your preconceived ideas and look at it differently, try something new…

At the very least, you will learn something new and you might appreciate the issues surrounding it better.

Smell the rose…

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