Wanna Be Starting Something

There are few joys in this world that starting something – be it a new job, a new relationship or a blog. I am thrilled by the response received from blogging.

For me, the fact that David posted a blog on a Saturday and Nathan posted a blog into the wee hours of this morning is somehow fulfilling. As they say – build it – and they shall come.

I myself am a little addicted to blogging, which will come as little surprise to people who know me. I have an addictive personality, addicted to pretty much anything one can get addicted to including alcohol, cigarettes, red bull, work(of course) and talking (a lot).

In fact, sitting in Sygn (my favourite haunt). I found myself with a compelling desire to Blog about our Mascot. Unfortunately, even through Chris (Who, btw posted an interesting article about pro-bono work) had a laptop, the wireless in the bar did not get to our area – something that we will need to rectify (following on from Chris’ suggestion in his post) for the next time I have a compulsion to blog :-)

I find fulfilment in watching seemingly disparate threads of action or story (with different people)  weave in and out of each other and interact. The more they interact, they enrich each other and something new is born.

Blogging is a very good example of this. It starts with a post which sparks a thought in someone who cover their views, and someone else makes an unrelated post which someone else brings together and integrates. Each one is a step. As Sir Issac Newton once said

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

While the people who sparks thoughts or ideas in us might not be considered giants in comparison to Newton, it makes not a difference… Standing on their shoulders, I can still see that much further (yes, I am physically not that tall, but I am standing on the shoulders of a lot of people…) :-)

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